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FeNO Testing

Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) Level is a breathing test that analyzes a sample of breath to detect inflammation in the lungs.

*Please note: this test is NOT covered by OHIP. There will be a $85 charge at the time of your appointment.

There will be a $50 missed appointment fee or if cancelled with less than 24 hour notice,

Nurse Talking to Patient


There a few very important instruction to follow prior to your appointment:

  1. Do not smoke for at least 1 hour prior to testing

  2. Do not consume hot drinks or caffeine for at least 1 hour prior to testing

  3. Avoid strenuous exercise 1 hour prior to testing

  4. Do not consume alcohol on the day of testing

  5. Do not consume nitrate-rich foods (leafy green vegetables like celery, leek, bettroot, lettuce, spinach, etc.) for at least 3 hours prior to testing

  6. This test is NOT covered by OHIP and you will be required to pay $85 at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, credit, debit, and cheque for transactions


This test is performed in Medical Centre 2

Suite 303, 435 The Boardwalk, Waterloo, ON

Please head to the CPS Registration Desk and we will direct you from there.

You will breathe into a plastic mouthpiece attached to a monitor. You will take one deep breath in through the mouthpiece and then out little by little until your lungs are almost empty. This breath will take about 6-10 seconds. The monitor will make sounds and show graphics to help you keep the flow at the right level throughout the test. 

How long will my appointment be?

10 mins


Your breath sample will be tested in our office and the results will be sent to your doctor.

More Information

There are many reasons why your doctor may have ordered FeNo testing. 

FeNo testing is helpful to:

  • Evaluate the degree of inflammation in your lungs

  • Screen for a certain type of asthma

  • Assess effectiveness of your medications

If you are still wondering why you were referred to us for FeNo testing, we encourage you to reach out to your doctor and ask for clarification.

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