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Arterial Blood Gas Testing

An arterial blood gas is a sample of blood drawn from a small artery in your wrist. This measures how effectively your body is absorbing oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide.

There will be a $50 missed appointment fee or if cancelled with less than 24 hour notice,

Examining Blood Sample


There are a few things we would like you to do prior to your appointment:

  1. Please refrain from smoking prior to your test

  2. If you are on home oxygen, you may be asked to remove this 15-20 minutes prior to your test


This test is performed in Medical Centre 2

Suite 303, 435 The Boardwalk, Waterloo, ON

Please head to the CPS Registration Desk and we will direct you from there.

A Registered Respiratory Therapist will use a needle to draw a small sample (1-2 mL) of blood from your wrist. Unlike most blood tests, the Arterial Blood Gas is drawn from an artery which is surrounded by nerves. As such, it tends to be more uncomfortable than most needles. Some patients feel a tingling sensation for a few minutes after the needle is removed. There may also be some bruising at the site of the needle.

How long will my appointment be?

15 mins


Your blood sample will be tested in our office and the results will be sent to your doctor.

More Information

There are many reasons why your doctor may have ordered Arterial Blood Gas testing. 

Arterial Blood Gas testing is helpful to:

  • Evaluate the progress of lung disease such as emphysema or COPD

  • Evaluate a need for supplemental oxygen therapy

  • Follow-up after a Pulmonary Function Test

  • Evaluate a baseline before surgery

If you are still wondering why you were referred to us for Arterial Blood Gas testing, we encourage you to reach out to your doctor and ask for clarification.

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