Our Physicians


Our Cardiology and Respirology group are affiliated with St. Mary's General Hospital and the St. Mary's Cardiac Care Center.

Physicians, their locations and office extensions:
Medical Centre 1:
Suite 206:
Dr. Sammy Ali (x104) - Cardiology
Dr. Mohan Babapulle (x107)- Cardiology
Dr. Dushyant Desai (x105)- Cardiology
Dr. Mary Jackson (x103) - Respirology
Dr. Hahn Hoe Kim (x223)- Cardiology
Dr. Danielle Leddy (x218)- Cardiology
Dr. Brian McNamara (x106)- Cardiology
Dr. Arun Natarajan (x415) - Cardiology
Dr. Murray Pearce (x107)- Cardiology
Dr. Claus Rinne (x103)- Cardiology
Dr. Heather Warren (x104)- Cardiology
Dr. Amelia Yip (x416)- Cardiology
Suite 210:
Dr. Andrew Burkett (x112)- Respirology
Dr. Usha Manian (x225)- Cardiology
Dr. Ali Pourdjabbar (x112)- Cardiology
Dr. Subramanian Suppiah (x225) - Endocrinology
Dr. Jaffer Syed (x224)- Cardiology
Dr. Michael Theal (x224)- Cardiology
Dr. Anthony Wassef (x223)- Cardiology
Suite 201:
Dr. Suzanne Renner (519-749-7911)- Cardiology
Medical Centre 2:
Suite 302:
Dr. Colin Adams (x222)- Respirology
Dr. Jade Coyne (x220)- Respirology
Dr. Natalie Kozij (x219)- Respirology
Dr. Sindu Mohan (x222)- Respirology
Dr. Martin Strban (x222)- Respirology


CPS Affiliated Respirologists: (Off site)

Dr. Brent Guy (Moved Jan 1, 2021: 519-749-2324)

Dr. Eric Hentschel 
Dr. Victoria Ho
Dr. Anil Nagpal
Dr. Heather Racz

Office closures:

Dr. Matthew Chamberlain has closed his office effective June 15, 2021

Dr. Abdullah Almanfud closed his practice June 2020

If you were a patient of Dr. Chamberlain or Dr. Almanfud, please contact your family doctor for next steps