Our Physicians


Our Cardiology and Respirology group are affiliated with St. Mary's General Hospital and the St. Mary's Cardiac Care Center.

Cardiologists and their office extensions:
Dr. Abdullah Almanfud (x222)
* Please note that Dr. Almanfud will be closing his practice effective June 30, 2020
Dr. Sammy Ali (x104)
Dr. Mohan Babapulle (x107)
Dr. Matthew Chamberlain (x417)
Dr. Dushyant Desai (x105)
Dr. Hahn Hoe Kim (x223)
Dr. Danielle Leddy (x218)
Dr. Brian McNamara (x106)
Dr. Murray Pearce (x107)
Dr. Ali Pourdjabbar (x112)
Dr. Suzanne Renner (519-749-7911)
Dr. Claus Rinne (x103)
Dr. Jaffer Syed (x224)
Dr. Michael Theal (x224)
Dr. Heather Warren (x104)
Dr. Anthony Wassef (x223)
Dr. Amelia Yip (x416)
Respirologist on site:
Dr. Andrew Burkett (x112)
Dr. Jade Coyne (x220)
Dr. Brent Guy (x112)
Dr. Mary Jackson (x103)
Dr. Natalie Kozij (x219)
Dr. Sindu Mohan (x220)


CPS Affiliated Respirologists:

Dr. Eric Hentschel 
Dr. Victoria Ho
Dr. Anil Nagpal
Dr. Heather Racz
Dr. Martin Strban
CPS is pleased to announce the arrival of:
Dr. Usha Manian (Cardiology) and Dr. Subramanian Suppiah (Endocrinology) effective July 1st, 2020.

430 The Boardwalk,

Suites 206 & 210

Waterloo, ON, N2T 0C1

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